Updating to 1 1 2

Unfortunately Kirby 1 Kirbytext extensions are not compatible with Kirby 2.

Read how to create Kirbytext extensions in Kirby 2.

The users appear to have normal access but my admin account is stuck trying to update the database.

When I went back to the web interface I was expecting the system to present me with any new configuration items which I would accept at their default values and then update the database.Kirby 2 will not work with the old Panel fields are completely different and more powerful in Kirby 2.Your old custom fields will not be working in Kirby 2.Before you upgrade, please check that all widget types you need are already available in Widgetkit 2. In order to allow all ZOO types, you can set up your own mapping from ZOO elements to Widgetkit content fields. Important: make sure the robot battery is fully charged: a power shortage during upgrading could leave the robot in a fatal state.This morning I tried to update my Production system from version 3.3.1 to 3.3.2 in the same manner as I upgraded my test (Beta) system last week.


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