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Maybe you outright hate dating, due to so many bad experiences. A Fresh Start Being a thirty-something and divorced did not seem like a promising start when I decided to try online dating. Within my first five days of trying it out, I started conversing with a lady nearly 3,000 miles away. Or did God pass over us when He was giving out the “perfect date” blessings?Extend those practices to your dating life to make the whole process more enjoyable.To help you step into a healthier and happier dating life, here are some do’s and don’ts for mindful dating: Your attitude directly affects your experience.Tinder is yet to comment on the issue and it is unclear what caused the outage. Keep me and my boys in your prayers, I'm sure many hearts were broken tonight."Garret Crow said: "If Tinder is down how else am I supposed to evaluate my self worth?Users took to social media to complain and joke about missing dates. "@gavinlynn1990 tweeted: "My tinder is not working, this is seriously getting on the way of my search for a future bride."Others proved a little more dramatic, as one Twitter user based in New Zealand said: "Earthquakes, flooding and Tinder is broken.

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If you are in a dating drought and it feels like it will never end, I have been there. No matter the frustration, or how long the dating drought, you are on the brink of love if you don’t give up!

Then, one of the greatest revelations in my life occurred; I changed the way I defined frustration and failure.

What used to make me throw my arms up in the air, swearing I would never waste my time again, became my greatest motivator.

If you’re feeling frustrated by the dating process, chances are you’re going to have a frustrating experience.

Learn to bring positive energy to your dating life, and choose to believe there is purpose in the process.


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