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With romantic beaches like Rendezvous Bay, this is a destination where you can swim and sunbathe year-round.Its list of activities range from swimming with dolphins to sailing on glass-bottom Marie-Claire Beauvais, a nurse, and Axel Jean Pierre, a lawyer.After her parents divorced, Garcelle and her six elder siblings moved with their mother to the United States, first to Massachusetts and later to Miami.

This program develops a “high quality, low cost print-on-demand system that can be installed anywhere in the world, enabling frontline ministries to access and print life-changing Christian content at the local level.

Tyndale House agreed to provide the funds for the system and has since partnered with Pastor Guillo.

In March 2016, Tyndale sent a team to Haiti for the third time.

Bill and Hillary Clinton had long shared a personal interest in Haiti, dating back to the time of their honeymoon, part of which was spent in Port-au-Prince.

In his autobiography, Bill says that his understanding of God and human nature were profoundly transformed when they witnessed a voodoo ceremony in which a woman bit the head off a live chicken.


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